For those who like relaxing by the pool, there is an outdoor pool complex right next to the beach.

For the fun and laughter of your little ones there is a shallow swimming pool with a slide near the children's club and children's playground.

While your little ones have fun, you can enjoy newly renovated sunbeds and comfortable sun loungers right next to the pool.

If you are a sports person and you prefer a more active vacation, you will enjoy football, tennis, volleyball and many other sports activities.

If you want to exercise and meditate, our entertainment team will help you make the best of it through yoga practice and water aerobics.



1. All guests must shower and pass through the shower room before entering the swimming pool area.

2. Only guests of the campsite and froom the motor homes may use the swimming pool, and only with the access card.

3. Only swimmers can use the large swimming pool.

4. The swimming pool for children is only for small children and children who can't swim.

5. Parental supervision is mandatory.

6. Taking photos and videos is allowed with the permission of the staff.

7. The administration reserves the right to remove from the premises any person behaving in an improper manner and not in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

8. The administration is not responsible for items forgotten or lost.

9. Guests use the swimming pools at their own risk – the administration is not responsible for any accidents.

10. The guest is responsible for all damages.

11. Please write down all your suggestions, complaints, remarks and praise into the book at the campsite Straško reception desk.


1. Glass items and beach apperal are not allowed.

2. It is not permitted to enter the swimming pool area in footwear, not to bring in food and drinks.

3. Persons with infectious diseases may not use the swimming pools.

4. Pushing, running around, jumping and diving are not permitted.

5. Non-swimmers and small children may not use the swimming pools.

6. Pets are not allowed.

7. Persons under the influence of alcohol may not use the swimming pools.

8. Diving and pushing others into the pool, distracting other swimmers, arguing or fighting is not allowed.

9. Urinating in the swimming pools is not permitted.

10. Running on the pool deck is not allowed.

Swimming camps, shoes, goggles, a bathing suit and a towel are desirable for health, hygienic, practical, sports and other reasons!