• Island of Pag Croatia Novalja summer holiday and entertainment right next to Camp Straško
  • Island of Pag Croatia Novalja summer holiday and entertainment right next to Camp Straško
  • Island of Pag Croatia Novalja summer holiday and entertainment right next to Camp Straško
  • Island of Pag Croatia Novalja summer holiday and entertainment right next to Camp Straško

Culture And Entertainment

The Island of Pag offers cultural and entertainment facilities out of which the most famous are the following:

Cultural Summer in Novalja
The Cultural Summer in Novalja begins before St. Anthony's day which the official protector of the city (this day - the Feast of St. Anthony is celebrated on 13th June) and it characterized by numerous cultural, artistic, entertainment and sporting events.

It has numerous interesting events - art exhibitions, classical music concerts, performances and vocal ensembles, folk groups, promotion and sales exhibitions, books, theater, outdoor cinema shows, pop music concerts, show programs, etc.

As a separate festival within the Cultural Summer of Novalja we would like to point out the Novalja Summer Music Festival, which includes classical music concerts, and the so called Novalja trijatar a festival of theatrical performances.

A special place within Novalja Cultural Summer takes Era gallery where for more than two decades various exhibitions of renowned local and foreign artists are organized.

The so called "Pag Slave"
is a folk drama which is the one of its kind in Croatia the only similar thing is organized in Korčula and it is named Korčulanska Moreška. It is preserved in the town of Pag as part of its tradition. This play is based on the folkloric and pastoral plays that have existed in Pag for centuries and on the famous play 'Robinja' (Slave) written by the Croatian writer Hanibal Lucić. It is nowadays traditionally performed as part of the Pag Summer and Ethno Festival. The "Pag Slave" deals with the purchase of an imprisoned girl, a granddaughter of the monarch ban Derenčin, who was in the late 15th Century defeated by the Turks at the Krbavsko field.

Carnival (mesopust)
The Winter Carnival begins on the first Saturday after Epiphany and it lasts until the first day of Lent - the Ash Wednesday. In this period every Saturday in hotels and restaurants masked parties are held, these parties culminate in the last three days in parties and the public burning of the puppet of Jura (in Pag this puppet is called Marko). He is the one to blame for all the trouble and evil that has happened during the year. With the act of burning the carnival ends.

Since the sixties a summer carnival festival takes place in the city of Pag - this is an event organized for foreigners mostly and it usually lasts for one day, but sometimes it extends to last for several days in a row. The Summer Carnival is held the last weekend in July.

Exhibition of Pag sheep and cheese
This exhibition was first organized in 2001 and it is held on the first weekend in July. The event has a competition at the end of which prizes are awarded to the sheep breeders for the best sheep and to the cheese manufacturers for the best cheese. At the end of the performance it is organized for the visitors a cheese tasting event and an interesting cultural program. This event takes on increasing importance, as the awareness of traditional farming, cheese production and the ecological component of it is becoming more relevant, which is also one of the reasons for the city of Novalja and Pag to provide full support to this event. Certainly one of the reasons, besides the amazingly beautiful beach of Straško to visit the camp Straško is the:

Lunj olive festival
Since 2005 this festival is held each spring in Lun and it highly contributes to the development and the popularization of the olive growing which in the last ten years has had quite a strong swing. On the island of Pag and in the city of Novalja and its surrounding areas most of the olive oil producers are considered modern as the produce the increasingly popular varietal olive oil.

Pag Summer Festival
The beautiful interiors of the Pag Cathedral, the Duke's Palace Atrium, the marketplace as well as various other churches are locations where numerous concerts are held, both of renowned and young musicians, coming from Croatia and abroad, withing the festival you can also enjoy the singing of choirs, different dance ensemble performances and exhibitions.

When we talk about entertainment it is certainly worth mentioning the famous beach Zrće where wild parties are held in a number of clubs, these parties usually last 24/7. Famous clubs offer plenty of modern entertainment and often invite some of the world's most famous stars.