• Camping in Croatia camps in Croatia camping Croatia Dalmatia Island of Pag in the Adriatic
  • Camping in Croatia camps in Croatia camping Croatia Dalmatia Island of Pag in the Adriatic
  • Camping in Croatia camps in Croatia camping Croatia Dalmatia Island of Pag in the Adriatic
  • Camping in Croatia camps in Croatia camping Croatia Dalmatia Island of Pag in the Adriatic

Camping In Croatia

Croatia is a country with a long tradition of camping in Europe.

Even during the times when traveling to the Adriatic was a real adventure, in times when the journey with the trailer from the European countries took almost 24 hours, and it wasn't easy to reach the first island nor the remote locations on it, but campers were still coming to Croatia.

The main reasons that motivate the campers to come to Croatia can be summarized by the following:

Fascinating landscape: mountains, rivers, forests, lakes, streams, valleys, headlands,
Preserved nature: 8 national parks, 11 nature parks, nature reserves and protected areas, stunning landscapes
The mild Mediterranean climate: long hot summers, mild and pleasant autumn and spring
Islands and the Sea: 1,185 islands, sandy beaches, water sports and all the pleasures the sea can offer, the sea is ideal for swimming, with moderate waviness and tidal
• Coast 1777 km of coastline with beaches, bays, pine forests and picturesque coastal towns and villages
Return to health in the preserved nature: camping in nature and sport activities for campers represent the return to health and their own wellbeing
• Croatia - a true camping destination: nearly one-third of all visitors coming to Croatia are campers, Croatian camps are diverse, safe and friendly, the camps are situated on the finest locations, some are water front and all are in natural environments
Croatia is ideal for naturists: considering the longest naturist tradition in Europe, there are some famous naturist camps and settlements which offer security and quality
Flora and fauna: Croatia has a rich and diverse flora and fauna (ornithological reserves, rich underwater life, fishing and hunting)
Cultural heritage: 7 Croatian localities are included on the list of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites; amazingly beautiful Mediterranean towns, monuments, museums and collections. The cities of Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir, Poreč, Pula...
Dining experience: a healthy diet with a predominantly fish menu, vegetables, olive oil, fine wine ...
Croatia is near: available from all over Europe in a one day car drive, after the construction of new highways it became even closer, and whoever prefers a plane trip, there are 6 airports on the coast of Croatia

There are two reasons that play the most important role for a person to chose to camp in Croatia: firstly, the desire for freedom and secondly, the return to nature. Croatia is a country of high security, beautiful nature and numerous camps, and as such it meets those needs to perfection!

Croatia has the following accommodation facilities:

The Camping segment makes up for over 24% of the total accommodation capacity in Croatia and as a segment it has been steadily growing over the years.

In camps in Croatia campers mainly use their own equipment, but in many camps all the equipment can be rented, as well as caravans, trailers, tents and mobile homes or bungalows.

Croatian camps are mostly open from May to October, but there is a large number of camps that are open throughout the year. Therefore those camps that run throughout the year must be specially furbished (heated sanitary facilities and living spaces, etc.).
Some camps in Istria, some on the island of Pag and several camps in Dalmatia are opened throughout the year.

A vast variety of camps, either in regards to their size, or the content, ranging from large camping-villages "cities" with a variety of amenities and leisure facilities, to the large number of small camps, of which about 300, are located in Dalmatia.

In Croatia we witness a steady increase in the overall quality of the camps. The parceling of camps and new toilet facilities are done in accordance to the European criteria, camps have swimming pools, new smaller - mini camps are being organized - especially in Dalmatia, and these specialize in selective forms of tourism, such as fishing camps on the rivers and by seaside, a new segment of camps are the ones close to the natural parks and the camps with a very intimate atmosphere targeted for families with children. Also, this includes sites which offer activities of work in orchards or vineyards, or picking citrus and similar activities.

The possibility of renting accommodation in the camps:

• mobile homes in most of the camps,
• bungalows,
• apartments,
• villas

All major camps have organized entertainment and activities for children, which is also one of the standards in Europe. A high level of hospitality and commercial services in the camp as well as a great level importance concerning the safety of our guests.

In Croatia it is forbidden to camp in residential areas and aside the road, and for now there are also no rest places nor places where campers can stay overnight.

A growing number of Croatian camps can proudly say that they have received many international awards and prizes. In most cases these are camps with 4 stars.

The management of the TOP CAMPING POOL was entrusted to Master Studio Ltd. from Poreč and the head and president of the project is Jerko Sladoljev, board member of EFCO - European Federation Camping Organization.

Until now, in order to be accepted into this club of the best of the best, camps had to have 20 ADAC points, the yellow or the red ADAC board and at least 4 stars according to the Croatian national classification.

Special emphasis is put on the relationship with the guests, reducing the number of complaints and quality management.

In this regard, Camp Strasko has undertaken a set of actions in order to implement the ISO 14001 standard, Environmental Quality Management, as one of the preconditions for sustainable development of camping in general, due to its high dependence on the quality of nature, but also a set of measures to manage the quality of service and camping experience on the island of Pag .

To camp on a island in Croatia is a unique experience, because of the appealing nature and environment, while camping on the island of Pag is even more appealing due to the fact that the island has ferry connections and more importantly - a bridge.