• Bathroom facilities in the camp make accommodation in Auto Camp Straško even more pleasant for holidays and camping in Croatia on the Island of Pag

Toilet And Shower Facilities

In addition to the camping units, one of the most important factors for a pleasant camping experience are the sanitary facilities. The Straško campsite has 13 such facilities built in accordance to the highest standards to satisfy and meet the needs of all the guests of our camp. The sanitary facilities are designed and build in a Mediterranean style, and thus fit quite nicely into the overall appearance of the camp.

They are located near the units and the camping sites in the undivided camping area. Characteristics of the sanitary facilities of the camp:

  • showers with hot water
  • sinks with hot water
  • individual cabins with sinks
  • WC
  • children's toilets
  • baby changing area
  • Bathrooms adapted for people with special needs
  • special cabins for the disabled
  • private cabins
  • hand-washing facilities
  • an area for dish washing
  • a washer and a dryer
  • chemical toilet
  • showers with hot water for pets (dogs)